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What Does Your Breakout Mean?

Is that recurring pimple telling you something? Paying attention to where your breakouts are occurring or reoccurring can make all the difference in treating your acne

Hairline Acne

Acne surrounding the hairline on your forehead could be due to hair products that contain pomades. Pomades are in thick, often mineral oil-based, hair products. This ingredient keeps sebum (natural oil) in our hair follicles from exiting. That blockage is what creates a pimple. To prevent this, use noncomedogenic hair products, which don’t contain cocoa butter, coloring, tar, etc.

Cheek Acne

Acne on the cheeks can be caused by pillow cases or even your phone. Your phone has a lot of bacteria and every time you hold your phone to your face, you're spreading that bacteria to your skin, potentially causing acne. For persistent cheek acne, it is recommended to frequently disinfect your phone and switch out your pillow cases at least once a week.

Chin & Jawline Acne

Chin and jawline acne is often caused by fluctuations in hormones. Hormones can surge during your menstrual cycle or may be caused by a switch or start in birth control medication. Hormone imbalance can also be related to diet - especially if you're eating high carbohydrate foods or dairy products with added hormones.

T-Zone Acne

Break outs in the T-zone are are usually caused by oil and stress. Getting good sleep to lessen stress, and avoiding touching your face to stop the spread of oils and dirt into the pores is a good way to prevent T-zone acne. Exfoliating and using a good gel cleanser are helpful techniques at getting rid of acne in the T-zone.

Key to Face Mapping

Everything is connected, which is why it is so important to pay attention to your body and your habits. Eating healthy, getting rest, and exercising are just some of the simple steps to living a less stressful life so that you can have healthy and clear skin. If changing up your lifestyle and routine doesn’t help, talk to your esthetician about creating a treatment regimen to calm down acne and reduce the chances of scarring.

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