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Is Coconut Oil Good for your skin?

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Everyone seems to be aware that coconut oil can be used in many different ways for many different things. One trend that doesn't seem to be going anywhere is the use of coconut oil for your skin. Lately it has become more controversial whether or not coconut oil should be used as a moisturizer. Well if you're someone that has a stockpile of coconut oil at home, then I have good news for you… coconut oil is very good for your skin, but it's not particularly good for your face. The skin on your body is different from the skin on your face. Your face's skin is much thinner and more delicate than the skin on your body. Coconut oil is great for your body due to its ability to hydrate your skin and balance PH levels, but unfortunately when used on the face it is considered to be comedogenic. Comedogenic means the molecules are to big for your skin to absorb so it blocks the pores and can cause blackheads and congestion. Obviously that's not something we want, so it's best just to avoid the face. Here are some ways to use coconut oil that don't involve your face.

Other Ways to Use Coconut Oil

As a body oil

To nourish your skin and leave it looking glowing, apply coconut oil all over your body (instead of a lotion or cream) immediately after a shower. You can even create your own "lotion" just combine coconut oil with a few drops of your favorite essential oil!

Add it to your bath

Ready for a relaxing bath? Make a nice bath soak by adding some coconut oil. Not only will your bath have a delightful smell (without using any artificial fragrances) but when you step out, your skin will also feel hydrated and smooth.

Shave with it

This the perfect time to replace your chemical-laden shaving cream with all-natural coconut oil. Coconut oil’s consistency resembles that of a thick shaving cream, which can help the razor glide smoothly over your skin, making it less likely you’ll end up with razor bumps.

Lip Balm

Whenever your lips are feeling dry and flaky, hydrate them with... you guessed it, a dab of coconut oil!

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